Ground magnitometer GT-MVS

'Walking' magnetometer GT-MVS


Magnetometer GT-MVS is used for measuring the Earth's magnetic field during ground-based surveys.

Its outstanding sample rate (up to 500 Hz) allows high precision magnetics even in areas with high level of industrial noise.

GT-MVS provides the ability to record data automatically or by an operator's command at the control points (pickets). To control device work, to record data at the pickets, to monitor data in real time, to review the recorded data PDA is used, which is connected to the magnetometer through a standard wireless network connection (Wi-Fi).

And to transfer the data through the Internet GT-MVS has GSM-modem.


Product sheet


GT-MVS Web-Server
Example of the HTTP connection
  • Data synchronization by internal GPS-receiver PPS.
  • Counter frequency correction by atomic clock of satellite navigation system.
  • Data recording on the FLASH-card (SD/MMC or USB).
  • Connection through a standard wireless network interface Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control, to install, to make graphic visualization and to download data.
  • FTP and HTTP servers for the data downloading facility.
  • Additional measurements featuring sensor power consumption, signal magnitude, power voltage, time (both GPS and UTC) and so on.

Magnetometer set

  • Quantum magnetometer (with signal and power cable)
  • Measuring unit
  • Pocket PC (with power adapter)
  • GPS antenna (with cable)
  • Software (for Pocket PC and for IBM/PC - WINDOWS MOBILE,WINDOWS XP, and Linux XWindow System versions)
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • USB-FLASH-card 1 Gb – 2 p.
  • Battery 12 V (with cable)— 2 p.
  • Bag — case
  • The barbell for sensor installation
GT-MVS backpack GT-Mag Screenshot
The magnetometer accommodation in the case Screenshot of GT-Mag software

System specification

  • Sensor: self-oscillating cesium vapor
  • Magnetic field measurement range: 20000-100000 nT
  • Measurement readability 0.001nT
  • Measurement rate: up to 500Hz
  • Data storage - USB flash card
  • Power voltage: 12 V DC
  • Device weight total: 10 kg
  • Power requirements: 15 W (50 W maximum)