Navigation and Data Сontrol System NavDat


NAVDAT is navigation, data control and integration tool for airborne survey systems employing one or more geophysical devices. It main purpose and functions are to:

  • Very accurate navigation enough for survey of 1:5000 scale
  • Data integrity guarantee.
  • Control and provide real-time visual tracking of all measured signals.
  • Operate automatically in the background.
  • Integrate all devices, sensors and inputs.
NavDat screen
Fig.1 NavDat screenshot

Product sheet


NAVDAT is Linux-based software solution running on a top of X Window System and using client-server technology.

NAVDAT parameters are very flexible. It can be easily tuned for many types of aircrafts, for example, we used it in Cessna-172D, Cessna Grand Caravan, P68 Observer 2, An-2, An-3, An-26, An-30 fixed-wing aircrafts, Ka-26, Mi-2, Mi-8 helicopters.

NAVDAT interface is intuitive and simple to learn. All windows can be resized and moved to achieve optimal configuration to suit your personal preferences. Configuration can be saved to a file to be load later on.

Line pathes, scale 1:10000.
Fig.2 Line paths in field survey of 1:10000 by Alrosa.

The Fig.2 shows the line path of An-2. The survey was performed using our navigation software. Average deviation here is about 2 meters. Thus this tool is able to provide survey of scale 1:5000 or less.

Real time course corrections along the survey route are given to the pilot through a front mounted indicator connected to the operator's computer (Fig.3).

Pilot's indicator
Fig.3 Pilot's Indicator.

Various indicators can be used to track incoming data when working in NAVDAT. There is a chart window for visualization of all variables, or you can set up individual screens for any of your devices. Fig. 1 shows NAVDAT configured for infrared scanner (top-right), strapped-down attitude system SIAS-2 (mid-right) and GPS satellites monitor (bottom-right).


System in work

NAVDAT is an upgraded commercial operational platform with numerous improved features of a similar package we developed for Aerogeophysica, the leading airborne survey arm of the former USSR, CIS and the Russian Federation. Now it is successfully used by Aerogeophysica, AS Amur, NF VSEGEI, Alrosa in Russian Federation, and by Aerogeophysica LA in Brazil.