EQUATOR - the Technology of Combined Geophysical Helicopter-Borne Survey


EQUATOR is our innovative system that provides time-domain electromagnetics and high-precision magnetics. Some of its advantages are:

Airborne Low-Frequency Electromagnetic System EM-4H


The EM-4H is a cost effective conductivity mapping system that provides data of high quality due to

The EM-4H can be installed in a light helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft

Onboard Data Control and Navigation System NAVDAT

NAVDAT экран

NAVDAT is a software tool that provides navigation and data control solution for airborne survey systems employing one or more geophysical devices.

Magnetometers GT-MAG


Cesium vapor magnetometer GT-MAG is provided in three modifications:

Aeromagnetic Compensation Software REINMAG

REINMAG is a new aeromagnetic compensation system developed on the base of classic Leliak aircraft magnetic-interference model and extended by stochastic process modelling magnetic field anomaly and magnetic field gradient.

Airborne Infrared Scanner SCAN-T


The infrared scanner has been developed for airborne mapping of heat radiation from the earth’s surface. SCAN-T can solve wide range of problems such as